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The Text: Catholic Music Through the Ages

This book was written as a text for seminarians, and it is useful for anyone who wants to get a non-technical picture of the development of Catholic Church Music through the Ages. It looks at the development of the Church's music as a response to six significant moments of development or crisis in the Church: 1. The Carolingian Renaissance and the Development of Chant; 2. The Reforms of Pope John XXII; 3. The Reforms of the Council of Trent; 4. The Reforms of Pope Benedict XIV; 5. The Reforms of Pope Pius X and his Successors; 6. The Reforms of Vatican Council II.

"As for the music of the Catholic Church, its story is one that touches most aspects of the Church s life: her public worship, her piety, her morality, her teaching, her politics, and her struggle to fulfill Christ s mission, that is, to use earthly tools to accomplish a heavenly command...Indeed, the story of the Church s music is so intertwined with the story of the Church itself that the two cannot be fully separated without injustice to one or the other. This text, then, is also a short study of the Church from the vantage point of her music."

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